Monday, April 5, 2010

Hi friends, we all are so busy in our life...that we couldn’t find time to eat properly. This thing is making us unhealthy day by day without giving prior information. One morning I sips on my tea thinking about my breakfast...what to cook what to eat...wants to stay I go to kitchen and after a short while come out with great meal which was tasty, healthy and above all...cooks in no time...wants to know?....its VERMICELLI TOAST.
Brown bread 1Loaf
Roasted Vermicelli 1Packet
Cottage cheese 1Kg.
Chopped Onion 3 Big
Chopped Capsicum 3 Big
Salt & Black Pepper to taste.
1. Grate cheese and mix veggies in it.
2. Add salt and black pepper in it.
3. Take a slice of bread and spread a tablespoon cheese mix on it.
4. Now sprinkle some roasted vermicelli on it. Press it with fingers.
5. Heat a griddle, spread little oil on it.
6. Now crisp this bread slice facing cheesy side down to hot griddle.
7. Cook for few minutes than turn the side of slice, crisp again.
8. Vermicelli toast is ready.
9. Cut it from centre and eat it with tomato ketchup or dhaniya chutney.

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