Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shake up your cocktail routine this summer with these skin - boosting drinks!!

The cocktail already has low calorie benefits, so why not up the health factors and make it with mangoes...;)
Start by squeezing half a lime into a glass, add mint and crush. Add 2 tablespoons simple syrup, 3 tablespoons Rum, 1 tablespoon Mango nectar and top with club soda. Add few slices of fresh mango and eat them when you are done!
Water is the number one drink when it comes to the skin. Turn your water in to a fun, fruity beverage that tastes yummy and keep your skin hydrating and youthful 
Pick your favourite fruit (lemon, lime, and apple, orange) and herbs (mint or basil) slice them up and soak them in a pitcher of ice cold water overnight. In the morning you’ll have water infused with hint of fruit and herb of your choice. You can also add handful of crushed (raspberry, strawberry and blueberry) in the bottom of a glass, add some crushed ice and top with carbonated water.

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